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To add accessories to your order, select the size and color of your Montessori Tower and then simply check the boxes of those you are interested in before pressing the "Add to Cart" button. 👇

Due to high demand and the handmade nature of our learning towers, please place your order to receive it between and before the delivery time increases. hoursminutes

This accessory adds even more fun to your Montessori tower. A board can be attached to the back of the tower, serving as a slide on one side and a chalkboard on the other.

Dimensions for Slide/Slate M-Tower: 40 cm / 92 cm

Dimensions for Slide/Slate XL-Tower 56 cm / 92 cm

This option is compatible with the M- and XL-Tower


This is an accessory that makes your Montessori tower even more fun. A board can be added to the back of the tower. On one side: it acts as a slide. And on the other side: a slate.

Dimensions Slide/Slate M-Tower: 40 cm / 92 cm

Dimensions Slide/Slate XL-Tower 56 cm / 92 cm

This option is compatible with the M- and XL-Tower.

Baby Swing

BabySwing - Montessori Universet

Felt Wrap

The felt wrap is an accessory that fills the holes in the tower. It is an important option to achieve even more security. It is particularly recommended for the little ones (8 months to 2 years).

This option is compatible with the M and XL towers.

Feutrine - Montessori Universet

Locks and Bolts - Suitability Board

Children enjoy developing their skills by practising everyday tasks. This skill board has small doors with different locks and bolts.

When the child manages to open the door, a board appears. They can then draw on it with chalk (not included). The board is therefore very useful for developing fine motor skills and practising the different skills gained from drawing.

We recommend this board for children aged 18 months to 4 years.

Compatible with tower M and XL.

Planche d'aptitude à verrous et serrures - Montessori Universet

Motor games about the tree of life

This opportunity allows the development of the child's fine motor skills and imagination. The motor tree is designed for children from 18 months.

Compatible with M and XL tower.

Paper roll

Rouleau de papier - Montessori Universet

Mirror with handle for Tower

A mirror with handles is one of the Montessori materials designed for babies. It allows them to climb, discover reflection and the environment in complete safety. This option is therefore indicated if your child is not yet walking.

The mirror fits the M and XL towers.


Transparent board - Cooling board


THE TURNKEY IS DELIVERED IN RESERVED PARTS The package you receive will consist of the following items:

learning tower

EASY ASSEMBLY Intuitively, assembling the various elements takes an average of 15 minutes.

The tower is now ready for use.

A package that is transported safely to avoid breakage. Includes a tower in the colour and size of your choice. With all options selected.

Montessori Tower M:

Please note that the M tower does not automatically include the baby swing and/or slate slide. To receive them, please add them to your basket!

Montessori Tower M supports up to 30 kilos. With its unique design, it can be used as an observation tower, high chair, dining table and activity table!

Easy to assemble, everything is included in the package.

Dimensions are as follows: height: 93 cm (table top side) and 98 cm (back side) width: 40 cm depth: 34 cm seat height: 74 cm platform height: adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the ideal height for your growing child.

Montessori Tower XL

Please note that the XL tower does not automatically include the baby turn and/or slate slide. To receive them, please add them to your cart!

The Montessori Tower XL is wider and supports up to 40 kilos. It has the same functionality as the M.

However, it is ideal for families with several young children and for twins, as it allows the tower to be used as a duo. This is so much more comfortable to share pleasant moments!

Measurements are as follows: Width: 56 cm Height: 93 cm (table top side) and 98 cm (back side) Depth: 34 cm Seat height: 74 cm Platform height: Adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the ideal height for your growing child.


👶🏻If you have one child aged between 8 months and 18 months, we recommend choosing the M tower. You can add the Baby swing option and the slate slide for added fun. To enhance the tower further, you can include the mirror with a handle.

👧🏻If you have one child aged between 19 months and 4 years, we recommend opting for the M tower with the slate slide option to add a playful touch. You can also choose the felt option for increased comfort and safety. Feel free to add additional fun options such as the XL tree of life, XL skill board with lock and key, XL clear board, or XL paper roll to make the tower even more complete.

👶🏻👧🏻If you have two children, with one (or both) aged between 8 months and 18 months, we recommend selecting the XL tower. You can choose the Baby swing option and the XL slate slide for added playfulness. Enhance the tower further by adding the mirror with handle.

👧🏻👦🏻If you have two children aged between 19 months and 4 years, we recommend choosing the XL tower with the slate slide option to add a playful aspect. You can also select the felt option for added comfort and safety. To make the tower even more complete, feel free to add as many play options as you like, such as the XL tree of life, XL skill board with locks, XL clear board, or XL paper roll.


Very easy! The observation tower is equipped with two wheels, making it effortless to move it from one place to another.


We collaborate with individuals who share our values. On our team includes Dan: our inventor, who designs our products. Working alongside a team of passionate craftsmen, we handcraft all our products. The wood used is of European origin. Please note that all our products are sourced and made in Europe using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. This decision ensures that you receive durable, premium products.


Height: 93 cm at the kitchen table, 98 cm at the back (for all sizes)
Bottom depth (front / back): 50 cm for size M and XL, 45 cm for size SLIM
Bottom width (left / top): 41 cm for size SLIM and M, 56 cm for size XL
Height to floor on the platform for feet: 35 cm, 42 cm and 49 cm for all sizes
Platform size for feet (length / width): - 40/34 cm for size M - 40/29 cm for size SLIM - 56/34 cm for size XL


The recommended age for using our Montessori learning tower depends on the child’s age and abilities. When introducing new activities, it is important to consider not only the child’s age but also their individual capabilities. Children of the same age can have varying abilities. Based on our observations, here are our recommendations.
6-18 months: dining table, Montessori mirror
1-3 years and older: slide, shape sorter
1-5 years and older: teacher's tower, magnetic cards
2-5 years and older: high chair, blackboard, field hockey table, activity table.


We primarily use birch plywood for the tower. Some parts are made of hardwood. The paints and lacquers are non-toxic and water-based.


We have prioritized safety throughout the development of this product, understanding its paramount importance. We regularly test and scrutinize every aspect of the tower and receive continuous feedback from users. Since its launch in 2017, we have not encountered any significant incidents. However, as the learning tower is a relatively new tool on the market, there is still much to learn about it.
Please pay attention to the following aspects (not limited to them):
Never leave the child unattended.
Prevent the child from climbing on the product.
Be aware of the risk of tipping over if the child pushes their feet against a table or any other structure.
Do not allow the child to jump inside the tower or any of its components.
Do not allow the child to use the connecting bars as monkey bars (to hang or swing)
Always supervise the child closely (within arm’s reach) while they are inside the tower.
Set the foot platform height correctly, ensuring the child’s centre of weight (belly button) remains below the top edges of the tower.
Pay attention to any sudden movements by the child while inside the tower.
Keep the tower and child at a safe distance from any heat sources, electrical devices, cutting tools, and open windows.
Never leave the room while the child is in the tower.


No. This device is not intended to keep your child occupied while you take a break. Instead, it is designed to encourage interaction and connection between parent and child, providing numerous opportunities for that.


After creating the first version of the tower (which is the current size M), we received requests from families, asking if the tower could accommodate two children simultaneously. While technically possible, we realized that it would compromise the comfort and safety of the children.

Why the Montessori Universe?

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Concerned about the education of our children, we wanted to create the store we had wanted as children, while reminding us of our childhood.

We were tired of the toy industry, so we decided to revolutionize this industry on our own scale by offering high quality products that respond to a real problem.

Due to the high demand and the fact that our products are handmade, and especially considering the current situation in Europe, the delivery may take up to 3 working weeks.

We understand that this may seem like a long time, but please note that each product is made to order. We recommend placing your order promptly despite the current delay.

We believe in being transparent with you about any potential delays, and we assure you that we will make every effort to minimize this delay.

Regarding the tracking number: It is possible that a tracking number may be provided to you before the order is actually shopped, as the item may still be under construction by our craftsmen.


We value our customers' experience, and therefore, you have 30 days to return your order for any reason.

Simply contact us at contact@montessoriuniverset-eu.com and explain the reason for your issue. In most cases, you will be refunded within 48 hours.

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